EU online casinos

The regulations for online gambling in Europe right now is a bit tricky. Each country has their own regulations and regulatory bodies that handle it, but the European Union as a whole also has certain regulations (usually fair trade-related) that dictate some of the policies that can and cannot be made. As a result, there’s this mixed up set of rules and regulations that can make it confusing for players to know where to play. To help players make sense of all of this, we’re going to break down how the industry works here and what you can do to make the best picks for your own personal preferences.

European online casinos

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Country-Based Regulation

The first thing to understand is that each individual country will regulate the industry in different ways. In some places, they will make it really difficult to play with sites that aren’t licensed inside of their borders. In others, they won’t really care about their players signing up with outside casinos. How the landscape looks for you in terms of your overall options will largely be a function of this aspect of the situation.

And this creates a situation where knowing your actual options is the major crux of the issue for the majority of players. We have made a number of recommendations here with very solid, vetted EU online casinos, and from there, players can narrow things down to what they want in particular.

Banking and Cashier Options

For European players, knowing your deposit and withdrawals options is probably more important than almost anywhere else in the world. The reason for this is that there are so many local and regional options on top of the more well known international payment choices. You need to know first and foremost how you want to make deposits and withdrawals first, and then you can limit your search based on the sites that have those options available.

This is a very straightforward process, but many players do this in reverse. First, they find a site they like, and second, they look to see if the site uses their preferred banking method. This will put players in a situation where they’re wasting a lot of time quite often, and that’s why we recommend the order that we listed out above.

How to Pick the Right Casino for You

Once you have a firm understanding of the banking methods that you want to use, you’ll need to start figuring out how to pick the casino that will work the best for you. Vetting the casino for trustworthiness is the first thing, and you can start off by looking at where it’s licensed and regulated. Not all jurisdictions hold equal weight, and somewhere like the United Kingdom or Malta will be considered a top-tier option. Mid-tier options include Kahnawake, Curacao and Gibraltar. These are often on top of country-specific licenses for countries like Spain, France, etc.

After checking out a site’s licensing, you can look at their history in the industry. Some sites have been around for decades, and others might only be around for a few months. The ones that have been around the longest will give you more opportunities to check out their reputation, and that’s one of the big things you want to look for. How they are in terms of being fair with players and how they are in terms of their history on cash outs are the main things here in terms of vetting the site for the purposes of playing there.

Game Selection Issues

Most players know exactly what they want to play, and that makes it easy to pick out online casinos that have those games. However, in a bit of an odd twist, regulated casinos from certain European countries have had situations in the past where specific types of games were banned. To this end, players have needed to join up with online casinos from other countries instead so that they can avoid those regulations. This is a somewhat ironic consequence of regulations that aren’t thought out very well, but players have to do what they have to do to get in on the action with the games that they prefer.

Virtually all online casinos these days in Europe focus primarily on slots. This is a reflection of land-based casinos where slots make up the majority of the games available on the floor. Aside from that, players will also have certain table games and non-slot titles like video poker ready to go, but the exact selection will depend on where you’re playing. Moreover, there are live dealer games available at some sites that have HD audio and video feeds from live casino environments that allow you to place your bets in real time.

European Casino Promotions

The most popular promotions that you’ll find with EU online casinos are deposit bonuses and free spins offers. You’ll normally get both whenever you sign up at one of these sites, and all of the sites that we recommend have a big deposit bonus for first-time players on top of other offers. The key thing to look at here is that the terms and conditions allow you to play the games that you want to play.

Other than that, the sites we have suggested for EU players will all have fair terms and conditions, particularly on the wagering requirements front, because that’s one of the thing that we look for when evaluating online casinos ourselves. Just make sure that the games you want to play are allowed, and you will be ready to earn some free value for playing your favorite titles.


Playing in online casinos from Europe can be a little tricky because of the overlapping regulatory bodies, but it’s not that bad once you have a good idea of what it is you want. Focusing on your banking methods first along with your game selection and the promotions that are available is the key to having the best overall experience possible when playing with these sites from Europe.