Online Slots Developers

In the online casino world, the casino sites themselves do not produce that games that they have available. Instead, they have content distribution agreements with game developers, which are the companies that actually create the games. There are several different developers in the industry, some of which are online-exclusive and others of which also produce land-based slots. The industry as a whole has also went through some changes that have changed the role of these game developers, and here we’re going to walk you through everything you might want to know about these companies.

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A Shift in the Industry

If you look back to the first decade or so of the online casino industry, almost every single online casino out there worked based on exclusive deals with software developers. These deals would have the casino offer games from one provider and no one else, and with the way that most casinos were download-based at the time, it made sense. However, a lot has changed in our technology for playing games since then, and the industry has experienced an overall shift as a result.

In today’s industry, it’s extremely common to see multiple software providers represented at the same online casino. A big reason for this is that most newer casinos are based on running the games from their browser, and most of the software companies have changed their game production methods to be in line with this. The end result is that it’s much easier on the technical side to combine titles from different software companies into the same platform. Doing so gives the casino an advantage competitively in terms of game selection, so it makes sense that more casinos would want to go that route.

Modern Software Companies

The combination of different titles from different software producers at the same casinos has removed the need for individual companies to offer a wide range of games. This means that smaller companies have popped up that focus on quality over quantity, and then you can see a casino that offers games from several of these smaller businesses. This gives the casino a large number of games overall, and because they were all produced with quality in mind from their respective developers, the selection as a whole is of a much higher quality as well.

There are also companies that have put together special platforms that specifically include games from several other providers. Microgaming Quickfire and EveryMatrix are two good examples of these types of platforms. They include games from several game developers, all of which produce very high-quality content, to create extremely competitive sets of titles. This has the advantage of giving players a variety of game styles and visual approaches as well, and the end result is that the players win big overall with a better experience and more to choose from.

Production and Randomness

With so many different games from different developers being put into the same casino, a lot of people have questions about how they keep things safe and secure for the players. There’s a lot that goes into this, and it starts with the actual production of the games themselves.

Everything starts based on a random number generator program that is audited and secured on a very high level because it’s the main part of the software that drives the fairness of the games. Then each reel on each slot is created, and in the software, it’s represented by a big long “strip” of symbols that can be thousands of symbols long. From there, the random number generator decides which spot on this strip is chosen for each individual reel as soon as you press the spin button. This approach for generating randomness in the games allows many different companies to produce games in a wide range of styles with the same level of randomness and fairness.

This approach is the key to giving players fairness in their experience in spite of the fact that the titles are coming from so many different companies.

Implementation and Security

From that basic approach in creating the randomness in the games, you have the actual implementation of them and the security issues that surround that. Here’s the first thing to know: The games themselves are not hosted on servers that are controlled by the online casinos. Instead, they are hosted on central servers owned and operated by the software companies, and this helps to prevent situations of tampering or temptation for casinos to try to alter the odds of the games.

This also helps to create a much higher level of security for the players. This added security comes from the fact that there are high-level SSL encryption certificates attached to the games so that players know for sure they are playing audited and officially licensed versions of the games. This is the same type of encryption used by major financial institutions and banks online, so it’s clear that they take security and fairness very seriously.

The Top Software Providers in the Industry

In what follows, we’re going to take a brief look at some of the top providers in the industry today. These companies come with different backgrounds and approaches to the games, but you can still find many of them in the same casinos along the lines of what we mentioned above.


Microgaming was the first company to make online casino software, and their original software was used in the very first online casino. These days, they are fully behind their Microgaming Quickfire platform, which offers players both mobile and instant play options for playing titles from a wide range of third party providers like Rabcat, Quickspin and others. They also have hundreds of their own most popular and most recent titles. This includes a ton of slots, but they also tie in plenty of table games, and their “Gold” line of table games are known for being some of the most popular in the entire industry.

Net Entertainment

Once known as a smaller company, they found a lot of success when the paradigm shifted from quantity to quality in the online slot portion of the industry. They focus on high-quality games, and they’ve done extremely well with this. It’s common to see NetEnt titles used by themselves at a casino, but it’s also common to see them tied in with other games. Their slots have some of the best visuals out there, and they always tie things together with features and concepts that make sense. Many consider their slots to be the best in the world at this point in the industry.

WMS Gaming

Williams Interactive was originally founded way back in 1943 by Harry Williams, the same person who invented the tilt detector in pinball games. They are a games developer that eventually got around to making titles in the online slots industry, and with all of their experience of the types of things different types of players want, it’s not hard to see why they’ve seen a ton of success. They have a lot of titles based on popular brands like John Wayne, the Wizard of Oz, Kiss and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


BetSoft is another company that, much like NetEnt, gained a lot of ground whenever things became much more about quality than quantity. They have a lot of great 3D slots in their Slots3 line, and they’re up there with the best in the world along these lines. One thing that sets them apart is that they always tie together the theme, graphics, features and everything else about a game into one cohesive unit. This is why players love the immersive experience that their games offer, and they’re a great model for the rest of the industry in this regard.

International Game Technology

Known as IGT for short, they have an online branch called WagerWorks. IGT has produced land-based slots for quite some time, and they are credited as being the first company to take video screen-based games in land-based establishments to the next level. They naturally switched over to also producing online games, and many of them are online versions of games that performed extremely well in the land-based environment. With their history, much like WMS, it’s easy to see why they have so much popularity.

Putting It All Together

Whenever you see how the online slots industry has changed, it’s easy to see how this has affected developers. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about how games are produced, developed and implemented, and we’ve shown how security and fairness is built into the system. With companies like Microgaming, Net Entertainment, WMS Gaming, BetSoft and IGT, you’re getting excellent titles on a regular basis, many of which can be found in the same casinos. This makes right now the best time ever to be an online slots fan because of the abundance of high-quality titles available.