Top 5 loose NetEnt slots

top five loose netent online slots

The number of online slots out there is easily up into the thousands when you take into consideration that there are dozens of different developers, some of which have hundreds of games apiece. NetEnt is one of the most popular developers out there because they produce extremely high-quality games, but they also have a number of titles that are pretty loose. This essentially means that they pay out more.

Slot Looseness and RTP

To understand what it means when a slot is loose, you have to understand what RTP is. RTP means “return to player,” and it’s represented as a percentage. The idea is that this tells you what percentage of each bet, on average, is returned to the player in the form of prizes. For example, if you wager a total of $100 on a game with a 97 percent RTP, then you’ll average getting back $97 from it with an average loss of $3. A loose slot is a game that has a higher RTP, which obviously means it’s better since you’re getting paid out more.

Skill-Based Options

In some games, even in slots, you’ll have certain decisions that will affect your RTP. For example, playing with fewer than the maximum number of paylines will often lower your RTP by deactivating certain bonus features or specific payouts. In games with a progressive jackpot, sometimes you have a minimum bet size that you have to make before the jackpot itself is activated. In this case, your actual bet size can affect your RTP because if you don’t have the top jackpot activated, you’re obviously getting lower payouts on average over the long run.

In our list below of the top five loosest NetEnt slots, you’ll find that two of them (Mega Joker and Jackpot 6000) have skill-based options that will affect your RTP. In both of them, your payout rate can be maximized by always taking the bonus bet whenever you can. Obviously if you run up some big winnings, you’ll want to cash them out, but if you’re planning on continuing to play normally, keeping things going in the main game can make it a lot easier on you because it gives you a higher RTP. This is just how these games are designed since they’re based on older style, land-based, classic slots that operated the same way.

About These Slot Options

In what follows, we have five of the loosest slots provided by Net Entertainment. These games have some of the highest RTPs that you’ll find in any NetEnt slot listing, and we’re offering up a bit of an overview of the games individually so that you’ll have a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into with them overall. While they cover different themes and styles of gameplay, they all have one thing in common: a great value.

loosest netent slots1. Mega Joker

RTP: 99%

As we mentioned above, Mega Joker is a game where the decisions the player makes can affect the RTP. You can achieve an RTP of 99 percent in this game if you play correctly, which just involves sticking to the second game as much as possible. The way this works is that there are essentially two games in one in Mega Joker. The first is with the bottom set of reels, and the second is with the upper set of reels. When you get a win on the bottom set, those winnings are transferred to the upper set for play there.

The thing about the two games is that the upper set of reels has a much better payout rate with better prizes, but you can’t play it directly. Instead, you have to play it from the winnings that come from the bottom set or the upper set. This comes after you choose your bet size based on the number of paylines that you enjoy on the bottom set of three reels with three rows. There are a total of five paylines available, and you can bet up to 10 coins at a time.

Things change on the upper set of reels, however. You’ll get a chance to play for up to 200 coins at once, and this gives you access to special joker payouts that go up to 2,000 coins. This is the top jackpot in the game. Overall, if you’re the type of player who likes classic slots, this is a solid game to enjoy. If you’ve only played video slots, then this is a good introduction to the three-reel genre as well. In any event, it’s a game that players will get a lot out of, especially with the particularly high RTP.

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top 5 loosest netent slots2. Jackpot 6000

RTP:  98.9%

Jackpot 6000 is a game that’s in the same line of titles as Mega Joker in that they’re classic slots that are based around themes and features that originated in three-reel, land-based slots. This is a three-reel game with three rows of symbols and a total of five paylines. Your bet size affects the RTP in this game, which we’ll detail below. You can achieve an RTP of up to 98.9 percent, if you play correctly, which we’ll show you how to do. This is a high-paying game with a lot to offer, and it’s one of the two best classic slots that Net Entertainment has produced in terms of payouts.

There are three parts to the pay table that you have to notice to understand what’s going on with the RTP in this game. No matter how much you wager, you’ll get the standard set of five payouts available on the left-hand side of the top area of the game. This is 100x for three stars, 80x for three bells, 60x for three grapes and 20x for three lemons or cherries each. The joker payouts, which are what the majority of the game centers around, changes based on how many coins you’re betting, and that’s the key to maximizing your RTP.

You can bet between 2 and 20 coins. The more coins you bet, the better the RTP is and the looser the game is as a whole. The top jackpot is 6,000x line bet if you have 20 coins activated, and this is what we recommend players stick with to keep their payout rates as high as possible. In fact, if you’re going to play without maximizing your bet size (and therefore maximizing the RTP in this game), then we actually recommend you choose a different title.

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loose netent slotmachines3. Blood Suckers

RTP: 98.00%

With an RTP of 98 percent, the Blood Suckers slot has more to offer than just a Gothic, vampire-based theme. You’ll find five reels and three rows of action in this game with a total of 25 paylines. This gives you plenty of ways to win on every spin as the soundtrack bellows on in the background. You can choose coin sizes that go from $0.01 to $0.50 each, and you can bet up to four coins on each payline. The betting range runs from $0.25 to $50 per spin, so you’ll have a bet size that works for no regardless of what you’re comfortable with.

The wild symbol is the vampire biting the girl, and it’s also what’s responsible for the largest regular win in the game. Five of a kind gets you 7,500x if they’re all on the same payline, and four will even pay out 2,000x, which is sizable on its own. Three or more of the bonus symbol (stake and hammer) gives you a bonus feature, and three or more of the scattered bride of the vampire awards you a set of 10 free spins.

In terms of other payouts, five of the scattered bride also awards a win worth 100 times your total payout, which is the same as a 2,500x line bet win. During the free spins bonus feature, all of your wins are hit with a 3x multiplier as well, so these wins can be multiplied accordingly for larger pays. Five of the vampire with the mustache and black hair pays 500x, and five of the vampire wearing purple or the goblin pays 250x. There are other three-figure wins, but these pays should give you an idea of the fairly high-volatility experience you’ll get here, though your swings will be positive more often than usual thanks to the high RTP in this title.

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high rtp netent slots4. Kings of Chicago

RTP: 97.80%

Based on the mafia and organized crime in Chicago during the Prohibition Era, the Kings of Chicago slot by NetEnt has a high RTP of 97.8 percent. What makes this game stand out visually is that all of the symbols are different playing cards, and the background looks like the top of a casino table game. You’ll see see crime-related symbols, figures and items in the background, like the gun laying on the side of the table. With that having been said, this game has a strong visual appeal, though it has a normal layout of five reels and three rows with just five paylines.

The joker symbol is wild in this game, and he gives you a 2x multiplier on any winning combination that he’s a part of. The scatters also work differently in this game since they can appear as a label on any normal card. Get two or more scatters for payouts and three or more for a set of free spins, though in this game, they’re called “free deals” because of the cards motif. You can earn up to 30 with these scattered labels.

The payouts in this game are based on five-card poker hands. A royal flush without a joker pays 10,000x, and it’s 1,000x if it includes a joker. Five of a kind pays 1,500x. A straight flush gets you 250x, and four of a kind pays 75x. A full house, also known as a boat, pays 50x, and you can pick up 25x for a flush. A straight pays 7x, and three of a kind gives you 2x. It’s worth noting that these cards can go in any order, and any five-card hand that contains one of these hands on one of the five paylines awards a win.

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devils delight high paying netent slot5. Devil’s Delight

RTP: 97.60%

This slot has an RTP just slightly lower than Kings of Chicago, and it comes in at 97.6 percent. As the name indicates, this game has a devil theme, but it’s very humorous with a number of very cartoonish characters. It definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is what you often find with games from other providers that take on such typically serious themes. The high RTP is serious enough, and this five-reel, three-row and 20-payline video slot is definitely worth taking a look at.

The wild devil in the suit with a cigar shows up on the middle three reels only. This might sound like a let-down, but the fact of the matter is that it expands to cover the entire reel whenever it shows up, so you get lots of chances for multi-line wins. The scatter is the pentagram, and it gives you free spins for three or more. You’ll also get a multiplier worth up to 5x during these features, and you can pick up even more free spins if you hit more scatters during the feature.

The main gameplay feature here that stands out comes from the bonus feature. Get three or more of the Grim Reaper to go to a bonus game where you try to collect souls. The souls you collect are kept on the meter at the bottom of the screen, and when you get 15, you get 10 free spins. These are called Sin Spins, and they have a special set of seven symbols based on the seven deadly sins that give you better payouts than the normal game. This is a very cool way of handling the theme, and it’s something that you don’t really see in other games with special sets of symbols for a free spins-style bonus feature.

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