What are the best slot machines to play at the casino?

what are the best slot machines to play at the casino

Slot machines were invented in the late 1800’s, and Bugsy Siegel started a new craze when he furnished the Flamingo Hotel with slots in 1940 as entertainment for the girlfriends and wives of his high-roller friends. Since then slot palaces could not be built fast enough.

Slots machines have since become hugely popular and have a universal appeal even more so than other casino games; the reason is that each person can play at his/her, own pace and you don’t require any skill. Its simplicity is also the reason why many find it the best way to relax after a long day and with a massive variety of slots now available online, players can take off their shoes and enjoy a night of spinning without having to leave the house. In any other casino game, the odds are mostly quantifiable, and it is possible to determine the odds by applying some math to the disclosed rules. It’s on this basis that regular and high-roller players decide on which games to play.

With the vast number of slots offered online and now on mobile, it is not easy to choose the best game. Slot providers know how to attract the attention of slot fanatics and use exciting themes, excellent displays and outstanding bonus features such as free spins, wilds, scatters and interactive bonus games. To select the best slot machine, it would be best to follow the same recipe as high-rollers by looking at the winning odds.

Take note of the RTP of the slot machine you are playing

In slot machines, the RTP or return to player percentage is an uncomplicated way of showing how much of your stake over the long term can be won back. The RTP more commonly known as the payout percentage of any slot can vary quite a bit, yet many players don’t understand what relevance it has when choosing which games to play. The payout percentage is displayed on the paytable, and if a game offers a percentage of 96.00% for example, it means that the game is returning 96.00 in winnings for every 100.00 wagered. It is not to suggest that for every 100.00 coins you play it will pay 96.00 back, for due to the design the payout percentage is worked out on long-term expected figures, which is not the percentage per individual session.

Best paying slots

Some of the best video slots based on return to player percentage are Blood Suckers offering a 98% RTP, Kings of Chicago with a 97.8% RTP, Devils Delight with a 97.6% RTP, Simsalabim providing a 97.5% RTP and Zombies with a 97.2% RTP. While there are no strategies to win on video slots, you can maximise your chances of getting the most favourable returns. Games allowing higher betting limits generally pay higher returns and smaller, cheaper games tend to have lower payout percentages. To win a progressive jackpot, you are almost always required to play the maximum bet so make sure when that lucky spin appears you are in a position to claim the maximum possible payout.

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