The different types of online slot machines

classif slot machineThe different types and styles of online slot machines has changed through the years thanks to developments of new and exciting technologies, and today there are typically three categories of slot games: Three Reel Classic Slots, Five Reel Video Slots and Progressive Jackpot Slots.

Three Reel Classic Slot

Originally the three reel slots that made their way online were based on the classic slot machine games found in land-based casinos. These were generally very simple to understand and operate, with three reels feeding a number of symbols – usually various fruits or the classic playing card, 7 and BAR icons – onto the gameboard. The object is to match a winning combination of symbols on the payline. Each three reel slot game will come with its own paytable, and this will outline how much the player stands to win for each spin. The amount you will win will be based on two things: a) the amount you wagered, and b) the desirability of the combination based on the paytable. To this day, the classic three reel template is in use across a number of online casinos, and while these have been generally cast aside by the more contemporary video ad progressive slot games, many players still prefer the simplicity of three reel action.


modern video slotsFive Reel Video Slots

Advances in technology have enabled slot game developers to raise the stakes with what they are able to produce, and now players are treated to a wealth of fantastic five reel video slot titles that incorporate cool animations and sounds to enhance the gaming experience.
As a result, video slots tend to be far more eye-catching and creative than their traditional counterparts, and the inclusion of animations and graphical elements mean that fun bonus games can be added to the mix too. Naturally, it wasn’t long before the worlds of TV and movies caught onto the buzz of video slots, and now a wealth of licensed games are available that include video clips and snippets of audio taken from the original movie or TV show. The five reel set-up caters for more winning paylines – anything from 1 to 100 is possible, and this has also given rise to multiple wins per spin too. Five reel video slots also feature special bonuses and symbols such as wilds, scatters, multipliers and free spins to help players win even more with each turn.


progressive jackpot slotProgressive Jackpot Slots

The key to progressive jackpot slot games is that players can win huge amounts of money. These titles are often linked to other casinos, so for example everybody playing the Wheel of Fortune game in a certain jurisdiction will be adding funds to the progressive jackpot. Naturally, this can build up very quickly, and is displayed in the ‘ticker’ at the top of the game screen. Progressive jackpot slots can be either three reel classic or five reel video games, and players will need to spin a specific combination – often identified in the paytable – to qualify.
Some games require players to bet the maximum amount of coins, or have all of the paylines activated, in order to be eligible for the big prize, while in other games the progressive jackpot opportunity is randomly awarded.