Big Bet slots

You have probably heard of Big Bet slots before, but what are they really about? The words ‘big bet’ alone may sound a little intimidating at first. And if you aren’t one to go all in and spend, spend, spend on online casino games, then you will most certainly be a bit apprehensive when it comes to slots that tell you they want exactly that right away. However, big bets aren’t something to be afraid of, especially if you understand the philosophy behind them. As a matter of fact, spending a little more on a bet may potentially turn out to be way more rewarding in the long run, than going with your regular wager amounts.

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Popular big bet slots:

Monopoly Big Event (Barcrest)Perhaps one of the best Monopoly slots out there, this Barcrest title centers on the famous board game of the same name. It features very decent visuals and a somewhat more complex structure than the two previous slots. But it’s nothing to worry about; you will get the hang of it pretty quickly. To begin with, let’s first point out that more or less everything in this title has to do with the original board game. You can even see it in the backdrop, and the classic playing pieces are scattered all over the reels. And as you play, you can enjoy some appropriate jazz music as the game’s backing track.

The symbols in Monopoly Big Event start off with the lower value playing card icons, though. These are A, K, Q, J and 10. They do fit in nicely with the rest of the visuals, but we can’t say anything special about their design. Next up are the higher value playing pieces, as we already pointed out. These include the dog, the cat symbol, following which are the car and ship figurines. Most lucrative on these reels are Mr. Monopoly and the Wild symbol, each offering payouts of up to 2,000 coins. As for the layout, it features the common 5 reel by 3 rows grid, with 20 fixed paylines. Typically, stakes enjoy a pretty wide range, starting at 20p per single spin. And the maximum available bet per spin will set you back £500. And there are the same two Big Bet options of £20 and £30 for 5 spins each.

The Wild in this title can replace any of the other symbols except only for the Big Event and In Jail icons. The former will be able to trigger the game’s Big Event bonus and main attraction. 3 Big Event symbols just activate the bonus. 4 or 5 of them will activate it wither either the House or Hotel Sneak Preview feature, respectively. Once you trigger the bonus, you will play a pick me game to find out your number of freespins. The pick me game will also reveal what other extra will go along with them, such as Locking Wilds, for example. Alternatively, you can activate the Dancing Wilds feature, where you will benefit from a random reel turning fully Wild on every freespin. And look out for the In Jail symbol during this feature. If it lands on the reels, it will eliminate the lowest paying symbol.

Now, as for the Big Bet feature, things get even more interesting. The £20 spins will grant you a progressive multiplier on each of the five spins, starting from 1x. This multiplier will increase by 1 for every spin, so the last spin will have a multiplier of 5x. Now, the £30 option will start with a wheel that can award you one of three bonus features. There’s the Progressive Win Multiplier that we described, Epic Spins that each come with a 5x multiplier, and the Persisting Wild Big Event feature. This will turn the Scatter into a sticky Wild, increasing your chances of accessing the freespins round. Keep in mind that the Big Bet spins enjoy a sky-high RTP of 99% here.


Barkin’ Mad (Barcrest).Barkin’ Mad is a fun Barcrest title that focuses on dogs in a comic, cartoonish representation. The backdrop pictures someone’s large backyard, with a pretty well-maintained green lawn. And over the top of the reels you can see a tree with a ‘Beware of dog’ sign on it to the left. And to the right is a dog house with a skull and crossbones sign over it, indicating that there really might be reason to beware. There’s a very fun and whimsical soundtrack playing in the background, further enhancing the overall comic vibe. And the graphics are pretty decent, too, featuring a number of neat animations throughout gameplay. Moving on to the setup and layout, let’s first have a look at the game’s symbols. They feature the lower value playing card icons A, K, Q, J and 10. Traditionally, each comes in its own bright color. Next up are the higher value icons, starting with two doggies offering the same payouts. Then there’s an increase in value for the white dog with droopy ears. And most lucrative is the dog with the bone in its mouth. The layout is 5 reels and 3 rows, with a total of only 10 fixed paylines. As for the available betting amounts, these can range from a minimum of 10p per spin and up to a hefty £400 per spin. There are two Big Bet stakes available for £20 and £30 that will each buy you 5 consecutive spins.

The game also has its own Wild symbol that can appear anywhere on the screen. It can replace any of the regular symbols, except only for the Scatter. And thus it can help create better winning opportunities. But if the Wild doesn’t happen to contribute to a winning combo, then it can stick around for another spin. The Scatter symbol, in turn, depicts the game logo and can also land anywhere on the reels. But better yet, landing 3 or more of these in any position during a spin will trigger the freespins bonus. These will award you an initial 10 freespins, whereas each extra Scatter will give you another 2 freespins on top. During this feature, any Wilds that appear on the screen will remain there until the freespins are over. In addition, Barkin’ Mad also boasts a random feature that can take place after a losing spin. As a result of it, a Wild that lands on the screen will turn into a random multiplier.

Now, during the Big Bet mode, players can benefit from a greater chance of triggering the freespins. If you land 2 Scatters, there’s a possibility that a random symbol may be turned into a third. In addition, you will benefit from sticky Wilds for the duration of all 5 spins. And there’s also the Showtime bonus that you can only access from the Big Bet mode. It can award you freespins or a multiplier value. Depending on the stakes you make, the RTP in this game will range from 94% to 96% in the Big Bet mode.


Ooh Aah Dracula (Barcrest).

As you can already tell from the title, Ooh Aah Dracula is a game that centers on the famous vampire count. But if you aren’t into spooky slots, you have nothing to worry about. This game has a distinctly comic vibe, just like the one above. There’s a matching soundtrack to second that notion, as well, and even corny phrases and sound effects here and there. The reels in this game are actually on the castle walls, as you can tell by the stones surrounding them. And only eerie, long chains separate them from one another. Furthermore, the graphics and visuals of this title are of pleasingly high quality, not that we expected differently from Barcrest.

As for the symbols, they include the lower value playing cards, but these each come with a fitting, unique design. The symbols feature A, K, Q, J, and 10. Some have vampire bats in them, others have dripping candles, and one even has a pointy edge covered in blood. Next are the higher value icons, starting with a werewolf that looks more like a coyote and a voluptuous lady vampire. After that comes Dracula’s castle, followed by the Count himself. And last but not least is the game logo – the highest paying symbol on the reels. The layout here is quite simplistic, much like in the previous game, featuring 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines. The paylines are fixed and stakes range from 10p per spin up to £500 per single spin. There are also two Big Bet (Hi Roller, in this title) mode options, buying 5 spins each. One is for £20 and the other is for £30.

The Wild symbol in this title can land in any position and replace any of the other symbols. But it will not be able to substitute for the game’s Scatter symbol, which comes in the shape of a wooden stake piercing a heart. This is the icon you will want to pay attention to, as 3 during a spin will award 15 freespins. Before the freespins begin, the game will choose one random symbol to become an extra Wild. Landing 4 Scatters may award you an additional, second round of 10 freespins. The thing is that after the first round is over, you will have the option to collect the winning or reject them and enter the second round. Based on this same principle, 5 Scatters will also offer a third round of 5 freespins. You can even use the Strategy Indicator to help you make a decision after every round.

The 20£ and £30 Hi Roller bets will each activate the Graveyard Bonus and the Super Graveyard Bonus, respectively. If you trigger the freespins round, at the end of it you will get to play a pick-me game. You will have 5 or 6 picks, depending on your stake, to reveal additional cash prizes. The RTP in this case will go from the standard 96% to an impressive 99%.


Moon Shadow (Barcrest).Moon Shadow is a Barcrest online slot game with an unusual theme, but one that the developers have done a good job in presenting in a very compelling way. It has a mysterious vibe to it, and takes place outdoors in some field with the moon shining very brightly. The light illuminates the grass and all the field flowers, lending them a ghostly hue. And above the reels, you can see the magical light radiating off the moon and creating a green halo in the sky. There’s a slightly overpowering and repetitive soundtrack in the background, though, which is a bit off-putting. As for the symbols on these reels, there aren’t many of them they have a focus on nature for the most part. But the lower value symbols start off with the regular playing card icons. These are A, K and Q and they fit in with the theme pretty nicely, as far as design goes. Next is a luminescent beautiful night flower and a wolf that’s howling at the full moon. Following an increase in value, we have a very realistic owl symbol. And last but not least, the highest paying symbol in Moon Shadow is the blood moon Wild. The layout in this title features 5 reels and 3 rows, with a total of 10 initially active paylines. The paylines here are fixed and not subject to adjustment. And the available betting range here is from 10p per spin up to £500 per single spin. Big Bet spins here are slightly less costly than in the previous examples, though. So the two options are £10 and £20 per 5 spins.

The Wild in this game can replace any of the regular symbols on the reels, except only for the Scatter. The Scatter, in turn, depicts an enchanting woman with a crown on her head. This symbol can only land on reels 1, 3 and 5. And you will want to land all three at the same time to trigger the freespins bonus round. As a result, you will receive 10 freespins initially. But landing another Scatter symbol on reel 5 during the feature will give you an extra 4 to 8 freespins. Furthermore, one of the other symbols will also turn into a Wild for the duration of the feature.

So, how does the Big Bet mode sweeten the deal, you may ask? First of all, by placing a Big Bet, you will be activating the remaining 10 paylines. So, you will be playing with 20 active paylines total, instead of 10. As we already pointed out, the betting options are £10 for 5 consecutive spins and £20 for the same amount. Besides that nothing really changes, but the average RTP goes from 96% to 98%.


Hercules High and Mighty (Barcrest).Last on our list of Barcrest Big Bet slots is the game Hercules High and Mighty. This title boasts a rather unusual structure, if you compare to the others we’ve described so far. The theme here centers on ancient Greek mythology, with some of its most popular beasts and heroes present on the reels. There’s a dramatic soundtrack playing in the background, to underline the gravity of the theme, too. But personally, we preferred to play without it. There are two massive columns on either side of the reels. And above them you can see large chains holding up a barrier that will lift later on in the game. The symbols in Hercules High and Mighty start off with the lower value playing card suits. These include the symbols for Diamonds, Clubs, Spades and hearts. And they’re also all of the same value. Next we have the mythical creatures that Hercules had to face. These are Cerberus, the three-headed dog, and the hydra. Next, following an increase in value are the vicious Nemean lion and Pegasus – the winged horse. Then we have the higher value character symbols depicting Hera and Zeus. As for the layout, things get a little strange here. It features 5 reels and 5 rows in the base game. When playing on the lowest bet of 10p per spin, you will only have 10 active paylines. For every 10p up to 50p, you will activate another 10 paylines. So, ideally you will have 50 paylines in the base game. During the bonus feature, the barrier will rise, revealing more rows and up to 100 paylines total. The maximum possible bet you can make here is £500 per spin.

Now, as for the special symbols, there are two: the Wild and Bonus icons. The Wild can substitute for all symbols but the Bonus symbol. Also, the Wild can land in any position on the reels and can even take up to several positions on the screen. But you will want him to appear fully, as this will activate the Mighty Reels feature. This is when the strings will lift the barrier and the paylines will double. As for the Bonus symbol, it can also land in any positon on the reels. And you will need to land a minimum of 3 Bonus symbols to activate the freespins round. The freespins will take place on the regular set of reels, regardless of when you triggered them, though. 3 Bonus symbols will give you 8 freespins, whereas 4 and 5 will give you 12 and 20 freespins, respectively. You can also retrigger the freespins feature.

There are more Big Bet options here than in the previous games, namely £20, £30 and £50. Each of those will buy you 5 consecutive spins, as usual. The £20 option will see to it that any part of the Wild symbol will trigger the Mighty Reels. This will also happen in the £30 option, in addition to the lower value playing card suits being removed from the reels. And last but not least, the £50 bet will get you all of the above, as well as Persistent Wilds. In other words, the Wilds will remain on the reels until they contribute to a win. The RTP in this title can range from 94% on low stakes, and up to 98% in the Big Bet mode.


What are big bet slots?

So, what exactly is the concept behind big bet slots? Slot games that offer this as an option will provide you with the opportunity to bet a larger amount per spin and benefit from a higher winning potential. So, if a regular bet were to cost you £1 per spin, say you will be able to purchase a spin for £2 or £3. In exchange for paying more, you will have more chances of triggering special features, for example. Or you will get the opportunity to secure yourself at least some sort of prize. The specific benefits will of course vary from provider to provider and from slot to slot. They will depend on the structure of the specific game you’re playing and what bonuses or extras it has in store. In addition, slots that boast a big bet option will automatically increase the RTP, once you make use of it. The RTP is the Return To Player ratio that you should always be on the lookout for, when choosing a slot game. It will tell you how much you can win over a longer period of time, based on the amount you have been betting.

In other words, the higher the RTP of a slot game is, the less you will be losing in the long run. And those are precisely the games you will want to stick to. So, when playing big bet slots, you can enjoy a much higher RTP than otherwise. In fact, big bet slots have among the highest RTP in the industry. If your average online slot game has an RTP of about 94-95%, with games offering big bets, that number can rise up to 98-99% even. A software developer that is particularly keen on releasing titles with an option for making big bets is UK slot machine manufacturer Barcrest.

Barcrest has a pretty substantial number of games offering you to buy several consecutive spins (usually 5) for a higher price. As a result, you can benefit from more features or a higher chance of landing some pretty big wins. We would like to show you a selection of some of Barcrest’s better offerings out there. These are all titles that boast a big bet feature and have been around long enough to prove that players really enjoy this type of games.