How to find the best loose slots

how to find the best loose slots

In the online slots world, one of the terms used to describe games that are a bit more favorable to play is to call them loose. Loose slots, as opposed to tight slots, will give you better opportunities to come out on top in your sessions because their return to player percentage, also known as RTP, is significantly higher. We want to show you how to think about loose vs. tight slots and how you can use our database to find loose slots that fit what you’re looking to play.

The role of slot RTP percentages

Online slots are often described with an RTP percentage. For example, if you play $100 worth on a game with a 97 percent RTP, then you’ll be expected to win back $97 on average. While RTP is a useful piece of information, it can often be misleading when comparing games. For example, you might think that the difference between a 97 percent RTP and a 98.5 percent RTP isn’t that significant. However, the house advantage on the first is 3 percent, and the house advantage on the second is 1.5 percent, meaning that it was cut completely in half. Thinking about these games in terms of house edge makes them a bit easier to compare accurately.

How to use our RTP database

how to find the best loose slots

One of the main tools that we have for online slots fans is a slots rtp database with a ton of online slots along with their developer and the RTP percentage for the game. What this allows you to do is check out the payout percentages and house advantage for each of your favorite games, and it will also make it easier to find other games you don’t know about that are particularly favorable.

To use this database to find the best loose slots, start by sorting by RTP. Look at the high end of things and work your way down. As you do this, take note of any of the games that stand out to you. However, remember what we said above about RTP being misleading when comparing games to each other. For that, you’ll want to think of the house advantage instead to get a clearer picture of how the comparison breaks down.

House advantage and slot RTP

The rule of thumb is that if you subtract the RTP from 100, then you get the house advantage. For example, if a game has an RTP of 98 percent, then you’ll do 100 – 98 to get the house edge of 2 percent. Comparing the house advantage of different games makes it a little more clear which games are relaively the best deal. This will make it easier to find the best loose slots for you by using this slot RTP database, and it will become an even more effective tool for you in the process.