Why you should always read casino terms and conditions

casino terms and conditions

The terms and conditions that come along with playing at any online casino can really be a pain to read. However, if you don’t actually go through them, or at least reference someone you can trust who has went through them before, then you can find yourself in quite an unenviable situation. In what follows, we’re going to break down some of the things that could come along as a result of not paying close enough attention to what these terms and conditions have to say.

Country Restrictions

Almost every single online casino out there today has some sort of restriction on who can play there based on the country they live in. The regulatory environment for the industry as a whole is based primarily on a country-by-country basis, so you can’t really blame them. However, if you sign up from a country that is not allowed, you could end up running up some winnings before your account is flagged, and that will result in you losing all of what you’ve won and having your account closed.

This is largely due to regulatory guidelines, so it’s out of their hands, but you don’t want this to happen to you. Make sure that you check for any restrictions on which countries you can play from before you sign up to play.

No Bonuses With Electronic Wallets

Bonuses and promotions are known for having a lot of terms and conditions, which we’ll look at in more detail below, but one of the things that gets a lot of people tripped up is that some sites don’t allow bonuses with certain electronic wallet deposits. It’s easy to miss this line in the terms and conditions and then deposit with something like Neteller or Skrill only to find that no bonus has been added to your account. It’s a very frustrating thing, and we don’t want this to happen to you. Be sure you look out for it because more casinos are starting to adopt this as a cost-cutting measure because of the fees involved with accepting deposits from these methods.

Wagering Requirements and Game Restrictions

Along similar lines, there are very specific terms and conditions for wagering requirements and game restrictions for bonuses and promotions. Many players have found themselves in a situation where they signed up for a bonus at a casino without realizing that they couldn’t actually play their favorite games with it. Alternatively, they may find that they can play them, but the play-through requirements are much higher than they thought because they didn’t read the casino terms and conditions carefully enough.

Maximum Bet Sizes and Wins

Often if you’re playing with a bonus, and sometimes if you’re not, there will be casino-wide limitations on the maximum bet sizes you can make or the maximum wins you can have. This should inform the wagers you make and the games you play so that you don’t wind up in a situation where you hit a major payout that you can’t claim due to terms and conditions you didn’t see.

Being Careful

If you want to be more careful and more mindful of the terms and conditions that you’re agreeing to when you play with an online casino, then you have two options. One is to read through all of them yourself, which might take several minutes but isn’t a bad idea. Your other option is to check out reviews that you can trust online to break down the terms and conditions that you will want to know.