How to increase your odds of winning when playing online slots

how to win at slots

In the online gambling world, every casino game exists on a spectrum that decides if a game is mostly skill or mostly luck. Slots are an example of a type of game that falls heavily on the luck end of the spectrum, and it’s mostly pure chance that decides if you will win or not. While this level of simplicity is a major plus for players who enjoy these games, there are still ways to increase your odds of winning on a slot machine.

There are two main controlling factors when it comes to your chances of coming out a winner on online slots. The first is the return-to-player percentage, known as RTP for short, which is the percentage of your bets that you’ll get back from the game on average. You can subtract the RTP from 100 percent to get the house advantage, so an RTP of 97 percent means the house edge is 3 percent.

The second is the value that you get from bonuses, promotions, loyalty programs and other goodies that boost your account balance just like winnings from the game would. The best way to play slots would to use a slots strategy that maximizes both of those factors, then you really increase your opportunities to have winning sessions.

Aside from this, there are other things that affect the situation like only playing with reputable online casinos so that you know you’ll get your withdrawals if you come out on top. We’re going to cover every aspect of these individual factors so that you can maximize your overall rate of return when playing slots online.

Increase your odds of winning at slots by playing high RTP slot machines

There are two main ways that you can maximize your RTP when playing slots on the Internet. The first is to simply play games that have a high base RTP in the first place. If you’re playing a game with an RTP of 98 percent, you’ll have a pretty decent chance of closing that 2 percent gap and ending up an overall winner. However, if you play a slot that has an RTP of 90 percent, it’s going to be virtually impossible to make up 5 percent of house advantage in the long run.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to start off right by choosing games that have a strong RTP percentage to begin with so that you don’t have to fight more of an uphill battle than necessary.

The second way to maximize your RTP is to make sure that you’re taking advantage of the in-game options that allow you to boost it. For example, many games will have a lower RTP if you play with fewer than the maximum paylines, so you should always avoid that. Additionally, you should look at the side bets and other betting options that will increase your rate of return in the games. Some game providers such as Barcrest also have a big bet option on some of their slots, which in many cases increases the RTP up to 99% on some titles like Monopoly Big Event. Playing games witht that high of a RTP is one of the best slot machines strategies there is to win.

Increase your chances of beating the slot machines by using bonuses and promotions

Tons of deposit bonuses and other promotions are available for slots players in today’s market, and while many of them aren’t worth taking on, some of them are. Seeking out the bonuses that are the best deals will be just like picking up extra winnings for playing games that you would have been playing anyway, and they increase your chances of coming out ahead in the long run.

There are three parts of the terms and conditions of a bonus that will mostly decide if it’s a good offer or not for our purposes. The first is if there is a maximum cash out value. If so, then you might as well skip it. Second is if it’s cashable. Cashable bonuses can be withdrawn just like the rest of your balance once the terms and conditions of the bonuses are cleared, and you should strongly favor cashable bonuses the majority of the time.

The final aspect of the terms and conditions that you should check out are the wagering requirements. What you want to focus on is making sure that you’re getting down to the exact monetary amount that you’ll need to wager to finish those requirements. For example, with a 25x wagering requirement on the bonus and deposit for a $100 deposit with a $125 bonus, we’d need to clear 25 * $225, which comes to $5,625. That’s the number that you want to know. You should also check what games that count towards the wagering requirements, and what games are banned from bonus play.

Increase your slot odds with one of these recommended casinos bonuses

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Are there any secrets to winning on slot machines?

There are a lot of false information on the Internet with people claiming to have winning systems for both roulette and slots. Think about it, if there ever was a winning system that could beat the slots, all casinos would go bankrupt within a few months. So the short answer is, no, there are no secret strategies or systems that can beat the slots in the long run.

There are however simple things you can do to increase your chances of winning at the slots, and they are the things we have listed in this article. To summarize they are to play the best paying slots available, to take advantage of comp points and bonuses and to play at solid and honest casinos.

You can absolutely win on online slots, but have in mind that the odds are stacked against you, and it all comes down to luck in the end. You can increase your slot odds by playing smart, but the old saying of “the house always wins” is still true when it comes to slots as well.

Other casino tips

Two other factors that really shouldn’t be underestimated are bankroll management and playing with reputable casinos. If it’s a big gamble to find out if you’re actually going to get your money from a site, then there’s no way that you can call that a profitable situation. Along similar lines, if you don’t have the bankroll management skills to not go broke before the long run happens, then you’ll have a hard time realizing your profits as well.

If you put all of these factors together, however, then you can drastically increase the odds that you come out on top when playing online slots.