Why online slots are better than land-based slots

why online slots are better than land based slots

Online Gambling, as an industry, has been active in excess of twenty years and is continuing to grow at records levels as more discover its value over that of other traditional gaming environments. This is seeing land-based casino traffic reducing on a regular basis and this is evident by recent reports from Las Vegas that is showing the decline in numbers.

One of the main focuses casinos of both genres is slots. It is the one mainstay with a casino that is responsible for most of its profits. However, it is important to understand the differences between playing slots online versus playing in a traditional brick and mortar style casino. While each will offer substantial selections, both in game styles and denominations, it is the difference in how they payout that is noticeable. There is little doubt that online slots pay substantially better than its counterpart, and the reasoning is simple. There’s a far greater variety in options, themed cater to not just personal bankrolls but also their personal interests.

Land based slot developers are fewer in number compared to that of the online market. The two main developers geared towards land-based casinos is IGT & WMS. The problem with this is that new releases come at a reduced frequency than that off online game developers, who generally release several new games each month. It ensures a wider variety, fresh gaming content and a higher level of excitement. In addition, there are well over 50 companies focused towards the online marketplace, which clearly indicated player preference and demand.

The RTP of online slots vs. brick and mortar slots

playing slots onlineThe most popular of these is NetEnt, MicroGaming, Playtech, NextGen and Play’n Go. Their game portfolio is outstanding and numbers of games into the hundreds. It includes virtually every genre you can think of, games are feature rich and, here is the big difference, the rtp of the slots is on average 96-97%. When you compare that number to land-based locations, the difference can be as much as 17%. If you put that into a dollar amount, for every $100 you deposit at a land casino, you can expect to win $80 to $85, yet with an online casino, you can expect that same $100 to return you wins totalling $97.00. This is substantial and means the value you receive is far greater as are the wins and size of those wins. It is not uncommon to see wins of $1000 or more online. How often do you see the lights and bells going off in today’s land base facilities? Not nearly as often.

Slots bonuses in online casinos versus land based casinos

Another feature that many find attractive is the rich bonuses that frequently are available to new and returning players online. You can visit your local casino and often, if a member of its player club, will receive small gifts of $10 on specific days as a draw to get you into the casino, yet you will not be greeted with a bonus doubling the bankroll you are entering with, and here lies the difference. When you register and deposit with an online casino you will generally receive a bonus equal to 100% of your deposit. In some cases this can be 200% or more, it is dependent on the particular casino. It gives you the opportunity to play a larger number of games, possibly place larger wagers and certainly it gives you a longer time to enjoy the games you came to play.
In addition, when playing slots online, you will earn comp points that are convertible to cash as well as complimentary gifts based on your deposit history. These can add up into the hundreds, quickly allowing you to see the difference in value you receive when comparing it to your typical gaming environment.

Play slots from home

good reasons  to play slots from homeAnother positive aspect about online slots is that players aren’t required to drive to their local or casinos to enjoy time playing slots. Instead, all that’s required is for you to open the casino online, make a deposit, get comfortable, grab a drink and select your slot of choice. It saves you time, saves the cost of travel lets alone potential traffic headaches. When ready to take a break, you log out, and can return when it is convenient for you. 

Online slots are only going to continue to become better in the future. The use of advanced graphics and creativity continues to defy traditional slots and already dominates the market. The mobile market is another key aspect to its attractiveness with most casinos offering this option with a large number of games being available.  Experiencing online slots only takes minutes and the selection of casinos you can choose from is astounding. Take a look at those you see promoted here, each has many benefits that are sure to suit your style and or preference.